ah – after hours.
aTL – ascending trendline.
atm – at the moment.
atw – add to winners.
be – break even.
bear crotch – new bar opens on the lower side of an aTL and a dTL.
bft – both feet trade, highest degree of confidence, trading size.
bhsh – buy high, sell higher.
bling – bullish engulfing bar.
blip – bullish piercing bar.
blsh – buy low, sell high.
bo – breakout.
bogey – target.
bp/pp – balance point / pivot point.
bring – bearish engulfing bar.
brip – bearish piercing bar.
bt – back test.
bull crotch – new bar opens on the high side of an aTL and a dTL.
ct – counter trend.
dib – double inside (or equal to) bar.
dibb – double inside (or equal to) bar break.
dTL – descending trendline.
ext hrs – extended hours.
f/r – frontrun.
f&w – flat and waiting for the next setup; not holding any positions that product at the moment. “f&w” means I don’t have enough confidence to be a in trade (or that a rule is keeping me out) even though I may have a bias as to the direction.
fib ext – fibonacci entension.
hi-5 – new 5 minute bar opens on high side of a dTL.
ib – inside (or equal to) bar.
ibb – inside bar break.
imo – in my opinion.
ish – intraday swing high.
isl – intraday swing low.
LeBron – heavy pattern that is shaped like a basketball shoe that is about to “dunk.”
LL – look left.
ls-5 – new 5 minute bar opens on lower side of an aTL.
mm – measured move.
mtf – multiple time frame.
OR – opening range.
ow – order waiting.
p/m – premarket.
pa – price action.
poc – point of control.
r:r – risk reward.
rb – range bound.
roro – right or right out.
rth – regular trading hours.
s/r – support / resistance.
slbl – sell low, buy lower.
soh – sit on hands; no position, no bias.
t – tick.
tib – triple inside (or equal to) bar.
tibb – triple inside (or equal to) bar break.
twzr – two consecutive bars that have the exact high or low.
vah – value area high.
val – value area low.
vpoc – virgin point of control, poc that has not been touched during rth since settle of the day the poc was built.
vsgf – virgin settle gap fill, a settle price that has not been hit during rth since that date’s settle.
wtt – with the trend.
ysoe – your stop our entry.

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